Things That Make Me Mad

by - Februari 21, 2017

Well I'm incredibly mad right now. So I might as well make a list of random stuff that pops in my head that I dislike. This seems like a very good time waster. So lets go!

These are the Things That Make Me Mad

1.  Being Blamed for Something that i didn't Do

2.  People Who Don't Take Responsibility and Blame Other People for Their Problems/Actions 

3. Liars and Lies

4. Abusive Parents and Animal Abusers

5. People Borrowing my Stuff and Returning It Broken

6. Finding Out That I've Been Cheated On

7. People Who Insult me for No Reason

8.  Bad Drivers

9.  People that are always late 

10.  People who don't answer their phone

11. When people are rude in general

12.  People who act like the rules don’t apply to them

13.  Backstabbers

14.  People who think they are always right.

15. People who broke their promise.

Done. I just don't want to do any description. cause I'm afraid that will be too long. haha

Well that's it! How about you?Which of these things makes you the most angry? Which do you disagree ?

 Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Garangnya. Haha. Trus aku tkut mau bgtau what are the things that make me mad. Bahaha.

    1. Hahaha.. time marah ni nasib baik x terlebih.. hahaha

  2. Same as above.. I hate everything that you have described..

    By the way, Salam perkenalan Kuci. 😃

  3. nombor 8 tu kita sama hehe. sebab bila driver bawak macam orang gila, dia ingat dia tak bahayakan semua orang ke? dah lah bawak bahaya, signal pun tak bagi! eeee memang mampu menyumpah je kalau dalam kereta sorang sorang tau

    1. hahaha.. part signal tu yang sakit hati!

  4. 9.. 14.. 15... memang mad betul....

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    pemenang akan diumumkan pada 28/2/2017

  5. semua pun setuju tapi yang tang lewat datang tu. hikhik. kadang sendiri.pernah buat gak.

    1. hahaa.. sama juga.. tapi kalau yang selalu tu hmmm..


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