My Current Condition

by - Mac 15, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hello babes,

Fuhh.. I am 7 weeks of my pregnant right now.. Alhamdulillah.. fully blessed. but starting this week, i am facing with extreme nausea,backache,dizziness  and sensitive to odors .

sampai bau 'Nasi' pun tidak boleh terima.. huwaa..I was exhausted,and was hungry all the time. If I ate a large meal, it felt like 15 minutes later I would be starving again. ohh I had a problem to get up early too..

luckily i have my husband which is always taking care of me no matter what. especially in my meal.. he is always ask me,
  "what u want to eat dear?"  
  "what u want to eat dear?"
  "what u want to eat dear?"

and more sweets ways that he made, but maybe it will be the story in my next entries? hehe

Overall i feel blessed. 


I’m safe and that’s all that matters.

k bai.

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  1. wah tak lama lagi nak sampai hari dah tu sis hehe. semoga dipermudahkan ye :)

  2. sis masa awal ngandung ni la nak ngada-ngada.. nk itu la nak inilah.. bukan nya apa saja nak minta perhatian si dia.. hehe

    1. Hahaha.. betul2.. masa nila masa rehat..masa nila masa ngada2..hahaa.. suda bersalin nanti..jeng3..


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