My 11 weeks pregnant journey.

by - April 13, 2017

Assalamualaikum buddyz..


My belly is definitely starting to show.

Food cravings: 100%!! Other than my growing (daily) belly, the one thing that helps me know I'm pregnant is the fact that I'm hungry...all the time. Truly, I'm just a hungry woman. The funny thing about my pregnancy food cravings is that when I think of something I want it right that moment. 

Case in point: I saw someone with a vanilla ice cream cone on TV, my thought: "I want some vanilla ice cream like that right now!" 

 Later on I thought I smelled sausage, my thought: "I want some sausage right now!" so, that must be "Right now!" and the victim to find that food is my husband. Ha ha..

if i don't get it, i will cry!!

Symptoms: The morning sickness thankfully seems to be gone –but still there. But I don't have all of my energy back a certain point in the day I need a nap! I also need to eat every few hours otherwise I get cranky. I am also suffer from back pain. maybe cause of my weight increase.

Happy or moody most of the time: 

Depends on the time of day and whether there's food in my belly! Ha ha ha! This last week has been difficult for me, emotionally and physically. Besides the fact that I cry suddenly, I’ve also had some pretty serious mood swings. I have no idea how my husband handle me.. THANKFULLY, my guy is as easy-going as he is. My husband never let me sad. If I was out of control, he would slowly make me calm. in his own way. Love him so much.

Although he was at work, I'm still going to look for it. honestly, I’ve crying when my husband meeting until late at night and I have been living alone . Maybe other people thought I was too clingy. but is it right for a pregnant wife who was left alone at night ??? answer me. Haaaa.. but do not worry, all 're done. do not think I'm spoiled, you will feel me later on when you're pregnant babe. ha ha. If possible, I just want to be with him 24/7.

Sleep: Early than usual. But difficult to find my position to sleep. Yet, my husband always massaging me before bed... And it makes me fall asleep easily. Thanks a lot my husband.

I seriously cannot believe that I'm almost out of the 1st trimester already. I feel like I just found out that I’m pregnant, like yesterday. so busy all the time, that I usually have to check my pregnancy app to even remember how far along I am.

Best moment of the week: ↯
Hearing my baby's heartbeat at our first prenatal appointment !!

Overall Alhamdulillah.. I'm happy to face my beautiful new experience. 

Please Pray all is well babe.

K bai.

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  1. wahhh... pregnant mom ya... take care..

    1. hehe.. doakan semuanya selamat babe.. :)


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