What exactly happen to me?

by - Februari 27, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hello fellas..

Today i wanna talk about my situation which is not feeling well lately.

Randomly for the past 2 weeks i feel the back pain especially in the back of my neck.. so i've been thinking that maybe im on stress.

but day by day  that pain never lost.. .The pain still permanent and makes me feel uncomfortable..plus dizziness..i also been losing my weight. im on 48kg now. see?

its getting worse when im going to the mall with my husband, suddenly i just see black,blackout on my mind and vomited..my body just weak and i just fell that i want to going fall.

so yesterday im going to clinic and check my blood pressure..
everything just normal. yes NORMAL.

And that nurse suspect that im pregnant..eh eh i think that was too early since my baby just turn 4months. haha
and i also have already get a DMPA shot for pregnancy prevention.

so i already do urine test and the result still negative.

and now i really dont know what is actually happen to me..i have a lot of things to think about? YES.

Too much thinking killing me..ouch

My love for this two gettin bigger each seconds.

maybe also im in the stress zone so that give the effect on my health.


and now its time to think about myself. I should take some rest maybe.REST? i think there is no rest after being a mom..haha.. indeed i should strong through this life. 

I'm happy to be around the people I love.

please pray for my health.
i should take care of my lovely one. so that i must be healthy. Yeah.

why do I suddenly write using english?
haa .. i do not even know.


love love.

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  1. masuk angin kali sis sbb masa pantang tu..pastu mgkn sis penat..pi massage..hehehe..the best self therapy ever :)

  2. semoga segalanya berjalan lancar :)

  3. Kena buat detail check up kot.. Semoga cepat sembuh..

  4. Kena rehat lebih sikit... sbb bila ada anak kecik mmg xcukup tido dan rehat.. hope Has kembali sihat ..klau boleh g la buat full body check up


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